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Doctor Who World Tour




The BBC has just announced a 12 day Doctor Who World Tour commencing on 7 August 2014.  Covering five continents and seven cities, the tour will conclude in Brazil on 19 August. The Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi, Companion Jenna Coleman (Clara) and Executive Producer Steven Moffat will visit the cities of Cardiff, London, Seoul, Sydney, New York, Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro.

Full details of the tour have yet to be released, however it has been confirmed that the Tour will land at Cardiff and London on 7 August and conclude in Rio de Janeiro on 19 August. Further itinerary details will be released soon and will be available from the dedicated tour website

In the meantime check out the World Tour promotional video below.

Season 8 of Doctor Who will commence screening on a date to be advised in August 2014.


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