Vivien Fleming is the same age as the BBC series Doctor Who.  A jack of all trades and master of none, Vivien has had almost as many careers as our hero, The Doctor, has had regenerations.  She lists Archivist, Solicitor, University Tutor, Lawn Mowing Contractor, Secondary School Teacher, and Carer amongst them.  Vivien has nearly as many degrees as the third Doctor’s companion, Liz Shaw,  although she looks nowhere near as good in a mini skirt.  She holds degrees and diplomas from the University of New South Wales, Macquarie University, Charles Sturt University, The University of the Sunshine Coast, and the Australian Catholic University.  Vivien has vowed to boycott further tertiary study until such time as a degree in Whovian Studies has been established.

Vivien first became a fan of Doctor Who in 1974 during the tenure of the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee.  Her only claim to Who fame is jumping on stage at the Raindrop Fountain at Roselands Shopping Centre in Sydney and kissing Tom Baker on the cheek during a promotional tour in 1979. She still wonders whatever induced such teenage hysteria. Vivien lives on an idyllic island in South East Queensland with her two sons, two dogs, cat and countless chickens.  She is frequently awoken at 4.00 a.m. by the crowing of two of her roosters, the Third Doctor and the Fourth Doctor.

Vivien dreams that she looks like Liz Shaw  ...

Vivien dreams that she looks like Liz Shaw …

... but acknowledges that she's probably only on a par with the Third Doctor in the shower :)
… but acknowledges that she’s probably only on a par with the Third Doctor.


©Vivien Fleming, 2013.



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  1. What a great site! This is the second blog I have come across by someone who is marathoning through the whole series from start to finish. I like your different perspective though, looking not just at the stories themselves, but the cultural significance of them. Also love the “extra” posts, great for brushing up on your Doctor Who!

    • Thanks so much for the nomination Hannah. I’ve been having a bit of a break following all the 50th Anniversary hysteria however I’m about to get back into my marathon. I’ll try to do my “Liebster Blog Award” post soon!

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