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Doctor Who’s Companions: The Definitive Guide (Part 1)


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Doctor Who may be the name of the show but the time travelling screw-ball wouldn’t be half as fun to watch without his companions. If anything the poor guy goes a bit crazier than usual when travelling alone, and he’s forever wanting to share the universe with other people. The Doctor has changed his face ten times to date, but the number of companions who have shared his police box far exceeds that, and are just as interesting. Here’s the first round of details on them, in chronological order:

Susan Foreman

Played by Carole Ann Ford

Species: Time Lord

Era: Rassilon Era

Doctor: First, with a guest appearance during the Fifth.

First Appearance: An Unearthly Child (Season 1) – Susan arrived on Earth with The Doctor after they were exiled as punishment for stealing the TARDIS.

Profile: Susan was the first person to travel with The Doctor after he stole the TARDIS…

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