The Time of the Doctor – Trailer Screen Caps


The Doctor Who TV blog has published a trailer breakdown for the Christmas Special, The Time of the Doctor. You can view the blog post here.  In the meantime, enjoy these screen captures courtesy of the same source.

time-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-1 time-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-2-cybermen time-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-3 time-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-4orla-tasha time-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-5-silent time-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-6 time-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-7-smith time-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-8 time-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-9-weeping-angel time-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-10 time-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-11 time-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-12jenna-clara time-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-13-dalek time-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-14-old-smith time-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-15 time-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-16 time-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-17 time-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-18 time-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-19 time-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-20-silent time-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-21 time-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-22-clara-jenna time-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-23-smith


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