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Doctor Who Tops iTunes Top TV Chart



Following the release of the two newly recovered Doctor Who serials on iTunes earlier today, The Enemy of the World is currently charting at number one in the Australian iTunes Top TV Seasons List.  The Web of Fear is holding down the second place in front of three seasons of Breaking Bad. Who’d ever have imagined that 45 year old black and white Doctor Who serials would be the hottest sellers on iTunes!

To give viewers a taste of what to expect from the two serials the BBC has released a trailer for each, together with five other short clips.  Earlier today The Doctor Who Mind Robber posted the trailers and we now provide for your viewing pleasure two of these clips, one each from The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear. 

The Doctor Goes for a Swim – The Enemy of the World

The Doctor reactivates a Yeti Sphere – The Web of Fear

Vivien Fleming


BBC Releases The Web of Fear Trailer


With the announcement of the recovery of five episodes of the six part Series 5 serial, The Web of Fear, the BBC has released a trailer for the story. Although not yet for sale on iTunes Australia, the story is available for download on iTunes UK and USA.  A reconstruction of the still missing episode three has also been released.