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In my review of The Romans I lamented the overuse of clichés in the serial. It’s with a cliché that I must unfortunately cut short this review of The Web Planet.  Did your mother ever tutor you in the necessity to limit your speech to things only favourable?  The tried and true expression, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” (or words to that effect), immediately comes to mind.  Having considered this well reasoned advice  I leave you with a suggestion on how best to enjoy The Web Planet.  Forget the beautifully produced BBC DVD and instead invest three and a half minutes of your time watching this YouTube clip. You won’t be disappointed and can be certain that sleep will be furthest from your mind.

The Web Planet was originally broadcast in the UK between 13th February and 20th March 1965

The Web Planet was originally broadcast in the UK between 13th February and 20th March 1965

Vivien Fleming

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  4. We just finished watching all 241 Doctor Who Shows (actually more since we also watched every Sarah Jane Adventure interspersed at the right points as well) and now we have started at the very beginning again. We just watched The Web Planet yesterday and today watched it with the commentary. On our second viewing and with the entire 50 years of the show in mind, we gave this show an A+ grade. We marveled at the absolutely wonderful costumes for the giant butterflies and giant ants (and even the grub people were cool – we liked their voices and their hopping around). Much of the show was shot with vaseline smeared glass in front of the camera lens to give a really eirie look to the planet – making things look like they are a bit out of focus, but actually it is just smears on the glass by the camera lens! We totally enjoyed watching this show again … and at the same time we realize that we all have our own varied preferences. For example, two shows before this one was The Rescue which we thought was poor on our first viewing … but thought it even worse on our second time around now – yet the review and story about that show here seems to indicate that it was enjoyed quite a bit! If you look at the far right column on my website you can check out how we graded every Doctor Who show (and the earliest shows now have 2 grades, one for each of our viewings):

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