Doctor Who’s Companions – The Definitive Guide (Part 2)


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Jamie McCrimmon

Played by Frazer Hines

Species: Human

Era: Earth, 1746 (specifically Scotland)

Doctor: Second, and teaming up with the Second and Sixth later in the series.

First Appearance:  The Highlanders (Season 4) – Jamie is a piper in the Scottish army, serving in the Battle of Culloden. He assists the Doctor in his adventure when he visits the era and Polly suggests that he join them in the TARDIS before they leave. 

Profile: Jamie may have been naive in the ways of science and the universe due to the era from- which he hails, but his bold and adventurous nature meant he never hesitated before exploring new worlds. He always had an easy banter with the Doctor, with his young and brash personality being a perfect compliment to the Doctor’s older, more wily tone. With Polly, Zoe and Victoria joining him and the Doctor, Jamie’s traditional upbringing sees him act…

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