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Building a Complete Doctor Who DVD Collection – UK Based Online Retailers



Last month I posted 10 Tips for Building a Complete Doctor Who DVD Collection.  Since then I’ve become aware of a couple of UK based online retailers that provide free or low cost world-wide postage.  If you know of any others please add a comment.

Fishpond – In my first article I discussed the Australian based Fishpond retailer.  The link to the international Fishpond site is here. Fishpond offer free shipping anywhere in the world and currently have some exceptionally good bargains on Region 2 Classic Series Doctor Who. For less than $8.00 Australian you can buy such Fourth Doctor titles as The Sun Makers, The Brain of Morbius, The Seeds of Doom, Robot and Nightmare of Eden. The list of cheap titles goes on and on. As advised previously, please be mindful that Fishpond are particularly slow in their dispatch of DVDs. Easily anticipate at least a month for arrival.


Zavvi.com – This UK based retailer offers standard international delivery for 99p. Having never purchased from them I can’t attest to the quality of their service. The link for Zavvi is here. They’ve currently got a number of Classic Series Region 2 DVDs for £7.95.


Vivien Fleming