Daily Archives: November 19, 2013

First #SaveTheDay Sneak Peek Unlocked


With less than 5 days to go to Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary, the first sneak peak on the #SaveTheDay website has been unlocked.  Click here to watch the Doctor’s reaction as Clara rides a motorbike into the TARDIS.


Steven Moffat BBC Radio 4 Interview


Today’s edition of BBC Four show Today included an interview with Steven Moffat with some behind the scenes action from The Day of the Doctor (including the first chance to hear the new Zygons speak!). Interviewed by Tom Bateman. Broadcast Nov 18, 2013.

Paul McGann Discusses “The Night of the Doctor” with “Flicks and the City”


Paul McGann chats about how tough it was keeping The Night Of The Doctor mini- episode a secret, what it’s like being part of Doctor Who in the 50th Anniversary year, finally getting his regeneration scene, whether Peter Calpadi is the final incarnation of the Doctor, how the Doctor Who audioplays are now part of the canon, the teaser clip for the 50th Anniversary Special, what he thought of his new Doctor Who costume and wig & why he wants fans to donate their hair for future Doctor Who wigs.