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The Day of the Doctor – New Zealand Trailer


A fan made off-screen recording of the New Zealand broadcast The Day of the Doctor trailer has emerged. Unfortunately the quality is low but as one would expect from a camcorder pointed at a TV screen. The trailer contains some scenes not previously released.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Interview – Colin Baker


The Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker, chats about regeneration, Paul McGann’s mini-episode The Night of the Doctor, why Sylvester McCoy and all the newer doctors are all imposters, Doctor Who fans and why he would like to return to Doctor Who.

The @dayoftheFishDr Mystery


ImageMuch mystery surrounds a new Twitter account which the “Who’s Who” of Doctor Who alumni are encouraging all and sundry to follow. @dayoftheFishDr is counting down to Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary and rumour has it that the reveal will have something to do with Classic Series Doctors.  Only time will tell!  In the meantime, accept the recommendations of those below and follow @dayoftheFishDr.  You’ve got nothing to loose!

Vivien Fleming