The @dayoftheFishDr Mystery


ImageMuch mystery surrounds a new Twitter account which the “Who’s Who” of Doctor Who alumni are encouraging all and sundry to follow. @dayoftheFishDr is counting down to Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary and rumour has it that the reveal will have something to do with Classic Series Doctors.  Only time will tell!  In the meantime, accept the recommendations of those below and follow @dayoftheFishDr.  You’ve got nothing to loose!

Vivien Fleming


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  1. Ok then, time for wild speculation: ‘The Fish Dr’… Troughton (‘The Trout’)? ‘Six is a good number’… Six more episodes recovered? Perhaps The Fish Dr’ alludes to recovery of ‘The Underwater Menace’ in its entirety?

    With a very low probability, this might be referring to the species Garra rufa, otherwise known as ‘The Doctor Fish’!

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