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BBC Drip Feeds 50th Anniversary Special Details


ImageIn the BBC’s continued drip feeding of The Day of the Doctor details, a photograph was today released from behind the scenes of the 50th Anniversary Special. Together with several Dalek bottoms, it also appears to feature at least one damaged Dalek. Could this perhaps hint at the Time War?

The BBC has also revealed that the Twitter hashtag for the Day of the Doctor, and ‘stings’ that will reveal the ident for the Special, will be unveiled on BBC One this evening. I have to admit to not knowing what an ident or a sting were prior to reading the BBC’s press release. I’m not a great deal wiser now, however I believe that an ident is the Station Identification (the branding of the station) and a sting is a brief glimpse of what’s forthcoming.  If anyone can enlighten me further it would be greatly appreciated.

In the meantime, here’s the BBC One 2009 Christmas Ident featuring the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant. You learn something every day!

You can read more about the ident reveal here.

Vivien Fleming

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