Talking of Wendy Padbury, I’m reblogging this interesting blog post which I’ve just come upon. Enjoy!

MY Doctor Who

I venture back into one of my favourite era, Patrick Troughton’s to look at the personage of Wendy Padbury. “Padders” as Frazer Hines calls her.

She played Zoe Herriot, computer genius from the then-future.

Known also for 60’s catsuits on her petite thin frame.
Pat Troughton’s era didn’t do “modern” companions.
Zoe started in “The Wheel in Space” and was there until the end of Troughton’s era in “The War Games“.
Her intellect rivals that of the Doctor’s, and she has a photographic memory. And she showed it off frequently trying to get the scatterbrained Doctor to focus.
She frequently looked the part of the smarter one  of the Trio because of Troughton’s Doctors need for misdirection and enemies to underestimating him.
Part of the reason for her wanting to travel with the Doctor is her chafing at the restrictions and sterile surroundings of her station-bound…

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