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Day 47 of 50th Anniversary Countdown – The 10 Greatest Billy Fluffs


William Hartnell - In Colour

The first actor to play the Doctor, William Hartnell, was renowned for his many and varied “Billy Fluffs”.  A “Billy Fluff” was an error in delivering dialogue or the complete failure to say a line.  Prior to the 1970s the studio recording of Doctor Who was almost live.  Whilst there were certainly some pre-filmed segments, ordinarily those involving special effects or location work, the vast majority of recording was undertaken in the studio on a Friday or Saturday evening.  Preceding the recording where four days of preliminary rehearsals, although the actual recording of each 25 minute episode was allocated only one and a half hours.  Video tape was prohibitively expensive so the re-shooting of scenes was kept to a minimum of three per episode. It’s for this reason that unless the mistakes in dialogue were extraordinary the actors just carried on.

William Hartnell Dalek gif

Hartnell was suffering from undiagnosed arteriosclerosis during his tenure as the First Doctor. Short term memory loss and lapses in concentration can be symptoms of arteriosclerosis.  His declining health undoubtedly contributed to his occasional bout of Hartnellisms. In providing this list of 10 Greatest Billy Fluffs we are not mocking William Hartnell but rather celebrating the eccentricities that made the First Doctor so endearing. Given the multiple takes of modern film production, it is highly doubtful that contemporary actors would come close to displaying the professionalism of the Sixties era Doctor Who stars.

Barry Letts and Terrance Dicks discuss William Hartnell’s perseverance during the filming of The Three Doctors (1973).

10. Episode six of The Web Planet sees a communication device descend upon the Doctor’s head.  When asked by Animus, off camera, if he’d attempted to escape the Doctor responds, “We have been on a slight exploitation.”

A communications device is lowered onto the Doctor's head

A communications device is lowered onto the Doctor’s head in The Web Planet

9.  Whilst introducing the new companion Steven to the TARDIS in episode one of The Time Meddler, the Doctor gives an exceptional run-down of the Ship’s superior features.  At the end of the clip he is scripted as saying “Now please stop bothering me”.  After listening to it multiple times I’m absolutely convinced that Hartnell says “Now please stop buggering me”.

The Time Meddler, Episode 1

8. In episode one of The Web Planet Hartnell appears to forget his lines during a discussion with William Russell (Ian).  Exhibiting extraordinary patience and a determination not to spoil the scene, Russell prompts Hartnell.  Russell’s facial expressions are absolutely classic and brilliantly disguise an otherwise awkward situation.

IAN: Well, come on then, Doctor. Ah.  How do we open the doors?  We have no power.

DOCTOR: Ah, dear, dear, dear, dear, dear. Hmm. It’s one thing after another.

IAN: Hmm?

DOCTOR: Yes, well, I, er, I, er, I didn’t want to, er.

IAN: Hey?

(The Doctor takes his signet ring off).

DOCTOR: This is not merely a decorative object.  Come along, come along.

The Doctor and Ian in The Web Planet

The Doctor and Ian in The Web Planet

7. In episode one of The Smugglers the Doctor discusses with his new companions, Ben and Polly, the difficulties he experiences landing the TARDIS.  After advising his friends that he can neither determine where or in which period he lands, the Doctor then points to the scanner and says, “Oh, now, you see that scanner? That is what I call a scanner up there”.

Ben and Polly arrive take their first trip in the Tardis in The Smugglers

Ben and Polly take their first trip in the Tardis in The Smugglers

6. In The Sensorites, rather than a problem being solved the Doctor accidently states that a solution had been settled – “Yes, well, I rather fancy that’s settled that little bit of a solution”.

Special Feature – Forgetting the Lines – The Sensorites

5. The Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan land on a strange beach in The Keys of Marinus.  Having removed her shoes, Susan goes back to the TARDIS to collect another pair.  The Doctor admonishes Ian by saying, “And if you had your shoes on, my boy, you could have lent her hers”

The TARDIS crew land on a mysterious island in The Keys of Marinus

The TARDIS crew land on a mysterious island in The Keys of Marinus

4. Having landed on a beach in The Time Meddler the Doctor and his companions are confronted by a steep cliff face. Although the Doctor suggests to Steven and Vicki that they walk along the beach until they find a cliff face running down to sea level, Steven is convinced that it would be quicker just to climb the cliff.  In response the Doctors says, “But I’m not a mountain goat and I prefer walking to it any day, and I hate climbing”.

The TARDIS Crew land on a beach with a steep cliff face

The TARDIS Crew land on a beach with a steep cliff face in The Time Meddler

3. The Doctor, Steven and Vicki land on a seemingly deserted planet in Galaxy 4. Keen to explore, the Doctor agrees and says that “I think that we shall get some well deserved, undeserved peace for once”.

The Doctor and his companions don't receive the rest they anticipate in Galaxy 4

The Doctor and his companions don’t receive the rest they anticipate in Galaxy 4

2.  Landing in 20th Century London, the Doctor and Dodo see the newly completed Post Office Tower. In perhaps one of the best lines in The War Machines the Doctor states, “You know there’s something alien about that tower.  I can scent it.”

The Doctor can sense and alien force in the newly opened Post Office Tower in The War Machines

The Doctor can sense an alien force in the newly opened Post Office Tower in The War Machines

1.   In discussing whether Ian and Barbara can return to Earth in the Daleks’ time machine the Doctor tells the teachers in The Chase that “You’ll end up as a couple of burnt cinders flying around in Spain … space.”

First Doctor Billy Fluffs

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Radio Times Reports Digital Release of Two Missing Episodes This Week



Yesterday The Doctor Who Mind Robber reported an article in Sunday’s Mirror newspaper alleging the recovery of over 100 missing Doctor Who episodes from Ethiopia.  As hoped, the reporting of these rumours in the mainstream media appears to have precipitated some movement on the BBC’s part. The Radio Times is today reporting that two stories, both believed to be from the Troughton era, have been digitally remastered and will be available for purchase on-line  from sources such as iTunes on Wednesday.  The BBC has yet to confirm or deny the claims in The Radio Times. 

A 1965 Radio Times cover featuring the Doctor Who serial The Crusades

A 1964 Radio Times cover featuring the Doctor Who serial Marco Polo

The Doctor Who Mind Robber understands that there is a small Missing Believed Wiped function on Tuesday and that the recovery of some missing episodes could be announced then.  Missing Believed Wiped is an annual event run by the British Film Institute which showcases recently discovered missing films.

The Mirror has published a further story in which they claim that BBC Worldwide has called a press conference and screening for Tuesday evening. The Mirror reports a BBC source as saying,

“There will be big news this Tuesday regarding lost Doctor Who episodes.

It is great that in the show’s 50th year, fans will now be able to look back with classic episodes as well as looking to the future with the new film-length episode in November.

For some fans watching their lost episodes will be like going back in time.”

The BBC Worldwide logo

The BBC Worldwide logo

Further details will be published as they come to hand.

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