Anneke Wills Hints at Missing Episodes Reveal Attendance



Anneke Wills, who starred as the First and Second Doctor’s companion Polly, has today tweeted a tantalising hint concerning the BBC’s MIssing Episode press conference and screening later today. In a tweet posted four hours ago Wills said “In Central London for a secret screening”.  The tweet is also currently reproduced at the bottom of Wills’ official website.

Wills appeared in Doctor Who from the final Season 3 serial, The War Machines, until the penultimate Season 4 story, The Faceless Ones. Michael Craze, who played her fellow companion Ben, passed away in December 1998.  27 of Wills’ 40 Doctor Who episodes are currently known to be missing from the BBC Archives. Her only complete serial is The War Machines. 

Anneke Wills as Polly in The Underwater Menace

Anneke Wills as Polly in The Underwater Menace


The Smugglers – All four episodes

The Tenth Planet – Episode 4

The Power of the Daleks – All six episodes

The Highlanders – All four episodes

The Underwater Menace – Episodes 1 and 4

The Moonbase – Episodes 1 and 3

The Macra Terror – All four episodes

The Faceless Ones – Episodes 2, 4, 5 and 6

Ben and Polly in "The Inferno", the hottest nightclub in London

Ben and Polly in “The Inferno”, the hottest nightclub in London (The War Machines) 1966

Vivien Fleming

©Vivien Fleming, 2013.


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  1. Alas that is said to be for a screening of ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’. Looking forward to that. It’s all go in the DW world and I hope you get it too in November where you are.

    Have you heard the Peter Purves news though? In a radio interview he admitted he knew all about the missing episodes find, not what was in it though, but described what was found as a “huge tranche of these tins”.

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