#SaveTheDay Promo – Hastag Video Released


The BBC has released a promotional video for Doctor Who’s #SaveTheDay promotion. In the 40 second clip the Eleventh Doctor waxes lyrical about his “like” for hastags and implores fans to “Show your Support.  I need to know the world is ready!”.

As if any more of a hype is required, the Beeb is encouraging fans to use the #SaveTheDay hashtag to help unlock sneak peak preview clips of the Anniversary episode, The Day of the Doctor. A #SaveTheDay website has been established on which a selection of fans’ messages will displayed as golden “nodes” on the site. To be in the running to have your messages, images or videos displayed, just add the hastag #SaveTheDay to your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram post. Posts are moderated and not all will be shown.

You can visit the #SaveTheDay website by clicking here.

Vivien Fleming


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