The Day of the Doctor Trailer – Fan Analysis



It didn’t take long after the BBC’s release of the two Day of the Doctor trailers for screen shots to be posted and analysis to begin on the “hints” contained within. Doctor Who TV has posted an extensive collection of screen caps with some commentary, whilst the Den of Greek has published “So what have we learned from the Doctor Who trailers?  Both are worth looking at. The Mirror has quite an extensive run down of the trailer here and WhatCulture! has published “Doctor Who: 10 Most Game-Changing Moments In Day Of The Doctor Trailer” here.

Is this Gallifrey?

Is this Gallifrey?

Whether the episode concerns the Time War and if the Time Lords appear are amongst the first questions raised. The presence of Dalek ships and the apparent shots of Gallifrey certainly hint at this. Similarly, the exact nature of John Hurt’s Doctor and whether Rose Tyler is in her Bad Wolf persona are issues that have arisen.  Although no Classic Series Doctors were spied in the trailers, photos of former companions were shown.

Are these people the Time Lords?

Are these people the Time Lords?

Vivien Fleming


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