Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Countdown



To celebrate Doctor Who’s upcoming 50th Anniversary The Doctor Who Mind Robber will be counting down the last 50 days to this momentous event. Starting on Friday 4th October (Australian time) we’ll be posting a 1960s Who post everyday. Utilizing a “best of” format, the posts will examine a myriad of First and Second Doctor topics including Cliff Hangers, Monsters, Billy Fluffs, Firsts. Lasts, Companions, Supporting Actors and Dodgy Special Effects. Any suggestions for “Best” or “Worst” lists would be gratefully appreciated.

William Hartnell as the Doctor in The Celestial Toymaker

William Hartnell as the Doctor in The Celestial Toymaker
Patrick Troughton as the Doctor in The Power of the Daleks

Patrick Troughton as the Doctor in The Power of the Daleks

My first post will be rather unimaginatively titled The Ten Most Wanted Missing Episodes.  Please join me from the 4th of October for this exciting daily look at retro Doctor Who. 

Vivien Fleming

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  1. The first thought that came into my head was ‘Best’/’Worst’ re-use of old props (including those from other series). Recognising some old prop in a different context is one of my guilty pleasures watching sci-fi programmes.

    • What a great idea Perry. I’m not very good at picking out old props however Miles and Wood do it very well in the “About Time” series. Perhaps you might like to write something up about if for this, or some other, blog?

      • Thanx for inviting me to contribute an article. Goodness knows there’s no shortage of Who fans capable of writing at length on any topic, but I’m more comfortable just offering the odd observation. Interestingly, the one time I felt inspired to write a proper fanzine article (circa 2003), it concerned the 2nd Doctor’s ethics in way not dissimilar to your excellent ‘Seeds of Death’ review.

        In any case, should you choose to put down some thoughts on the topic of prop re-use, here are just a few examples from the Hartnell/Troughton era:

        1. The White Robots from ‘The Mind Robber’ were originally from OOTU: ‘The Prophet’.
        2. ‘The Tenth Planet’ & ‘The Wheel in Space’ re-used spacesuits from ‘First Men in the Moon’ (thanks to ‘Say; Hello Spaceman’ for that one).
        3. The freezing machine from ‘The Space Museum’ was later re-used (sans dome) in ‘The War Machines’.
        4. Doors from ‘The Sensorites’ also appeared in ‘The Rescue’ & ‘The Space Museum’ (thanks to ‘Whopix’ for that one).
        5. I’m pretty sure one of the models in Professor Eldred’s museum was ‘Lambda 1’ from the eponymous OOTU episode.

      • Thanks for your response Perry. From all that I’ve read it’s a shame that I never saw any “Out of the Unknown”. Apparently none of the remaining episodes have every been released on VHS or DVD so I guess my chances of seeing any are pretty slight.

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